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About Me

Hello, my name is Inis Oírr Asano! (Inis Oírr pronounced Aneesha)


I am a photographer based in London, specialising in (but by no means limited to) portraits of artists and classical musicians.

On most days I'm a violist myself, but when I'm not tuning chords with my quartet, you'll find me with a camera around my neck! I'm always keen to snap the kind of shots that show the subject's passion, focussing on bringing out the spontaneous bursts of expression that really show unique character.

As a musician behind the camera, I am particularly understanding of what an artist could want in a photo of themself next to their instrument or their tool. As someone who always loves meeting new people, my experience also stretches beyond musician headshots - the joys that include weddings and graduation ceremonies!


The future is exciting! Every day I look forward to making new friends and exploring unknown parts of my hometown London,

camera in hand.

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